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Welcome to Panama - Properties Nestled in Paradise

Both peaceful and energetic, Panama can fulfill all lifestyle dreams!

Beautiful beach homes can be found throughout the country.

Nestled between both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean and bordering Costa Rica to the west and Colombia to the east, lays the mighty rugged mountains, stunning coral reefs, and warm coastal plains of Panama. With such a variety of natural surroundings and one of the best year-round climates, this beautiful country offers an array of living environments to please everyone.

Panama is the international financial hub of Central and South America. Because of its privileged geographic location and its strategic role with the construction of the canal, it has been nicknamed "the bridge of the world", facilitating the global trade economy and attracting many international companies and banks. All this activity combined to the low cost of living has bolster a continuous growth in the real estate market, attracting retirees, vacationers and investors from all over the world.

If you dream of the serenity of living by the beach, Panama is one of the very few countries giving you the option to choose between the active waters of the Pacific Ocean, where you can find many surfing communities, or the tranquility of the turquoise waters and powder white sand beaches bordering the Caribbean Sea. The whole western countryside, up to the border of Costa Rica, offer a cooler climate with a variety of communities and beautiful real estate surrounded by rich and life abounding tropical forest.

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